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Just a Story: The Urban Legend Podcast A weekly Podcast taking a look at the stories that we tell over and over again. What our myths and misdeeds, fears and fables say about us as humans.
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Apr 24, 2016

Remember how you begged to go in the haunted house at the Halloween carnival when you were a kid? You know, right before you promptly freaked out and realized you were not as tough and grown up as you'd hoped and began begging your mom, dad, uncle who thought it was hilarious, etc. to leave? What did they all say to calm you down? 'Don't worry it's all pretend?' Right? Well, what if they were wrong? Once upon a time, not so long ago, they were. The body of Elmer McCurdy was discovered in a California fun house over fifty years after his death. We'll tell his incredible story in this episode before examining other preserved bodies found throughout the world. From bog people to incorrupt saints we explore the world of mortal remains that remain long after their owners have made their exits, and how they effect the living. Join us this week as we analyze the urban legend of the funhouse mummy and other unsettling finds.


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Apr 22, 2016

Extra! Sam had the chance to speak with Shelley Ritter, the Director of the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, Mississippi about the blues, Robert Johnson, and the origin of "The Devil's Music"  

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Apr 18, 2016

Once upon a time, armored knights searched the world for sacred relics, and stories of their quests became legend and lore. Centuries later, noble scholars would follow in the footsteps of these most romantic heroes. Though, any Spielberg and Lucas collaboration would probably bust enough blocks to annihilate a game of Tetris, the pair of pop culture juggernauts found a truly  magical formula with the titular character, Indiana Jones and the films based on his adventures. By combining classical errant knight plots with the all-American swagger of a bad boy academic who hated Nazis, they ensured that no one would be able to resists the charms of their hero, and maybe, just maybe, they granted this fictional character the immortality promised by the relics he pursued. But there aren't really badass archeologists trotting the globe and shooting up bandits, right? The Nazis didn't give a hoot about the holy grail, did they? Join us this week, as we track down the surprising true stories behind the Indiana Jones franchise

Apr 10, 2016

Music doesn't make sense. We, as humans, respond to the essential emotion in notes and melodies without analysis or forethought. It's a natural, innate language that we all seem to speak. Or is it? Only humans seem to possess this natural affinity for music. Sure, birds sing, but they don't *preform*, their songs are lingual substitutes. We are the only ones who choose to sing when we don't need to. We are also the only ones who can lie, bargain with gods, fret over the state of our immortal soul or troll others on the Internet. So this whole music thing has always made people... Nervous. Music, in some ways, seems unnatural; and if you've ever seen any portrayal of life before ~yesterday, you'll know that all unnatural things are... Of the devil. There is a long association between musicians and the devil; (yes, even before Charlie Daniels said so). This week we will take a look at why that might be. From Paganini to Robert Johnson we'll explore what master musicians have gotten in return for selling their souls. So, join us at the crossroads as we ask, what's the connection between the Faustian bargain and the gods of music

Apr 2, 2016

Weight loss schemes and health trends seem to dominate our social media feeds. Pictures of food are second only to cat videos and inflammatory political rants. Whether you're trying to do battle with the scale, purify your digestive track and character through abstaining from (or introducing) certain types of food, or just trying to find the secret to that elusive idea of a healthy lifestyle, there's a plan being peddled to suit your needs. Fad diets aren't new. No, in fact, it seems that as soon as people weren't producing their own food, advice on what to eat began to flow freely and persistently. Some of the suggestions became so prevalent, despite their outlandish nature, that they can only be called, 'urban legends'. This week we focus on extreme diets, colorful charlatans and despicable dietitians as we dive into the wonderful world of weight loss. We'll meet the man behind the breakfast cereal, Dr. Kellogg; check into Starvation Heights under the care of Linda Hazzard; and see what happens when unrealistic standards of thinness and beauty effect susceptible populations. Join us as we look at everything from outlandish dieting advice, to the real and serious effects of eating disorders


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