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Just a Story: The Urban Legend Podcast A weekly Podcast taking a look at the stories that we tell over and over again. What our myths and misdeeds, fears and fables say about us as humans.
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Jan 31, 2016

We all know children are the future, mostly because the song plays at local supermarkets and dentist's office in heavy rotation, but what if that sentiment isn't as comforting as soft rock would have us believe? "Children are all little criminals," a 19th century psychologist stated, and perhaps he's not so far off. There's something parasitic about the relationships between caretakers and their charges, but we'll look at the extreme worst case scenarios in this episode. From the paranormal, black eyed children trading on their cuteness to get a chance to steal your soul, to the factual, real life tales of kids who kill; we'll try to answer the question: why are creepy kids so creepy? 

Jan 24, 2016

Hotels are a common fixture in almost any society. Since before the birth of Christ, and, come to think of it, even for the specific occasion of the birth of Christ, people have been hoping to find some room at the inn. But serving society's weary travelers or playing host to out-of-towners away for both business and pleasure is only the beginning of functions hotels perform. Is there something to the idea that at some hotels you can check any time you like, but you can never leave? The Eagles styled a fictional inn as a purgatory of sorts in their classic song, "Hotel California", and maybe that's not as fantastical as it sounds. We take a look at the things that go on behind those 'do not disturb' signs, and see if there's anything to the idea that hotels are beacons of the underworld. Using the Hotel Cecil, a real-life Hotel California if ever there was one, as a case study we work our way through the vices that draw people, such as Robert Ramirez and Elisa Lam, to these intersections of public and private life and the privacy and anonymity they provide.


Elisa Lam Video:

Jan 16, 2016

As we unpack this legend about a cross dressing assailant attacking a woman in her home, issues surrounding gender, violence, and safe spaces are bound to come up. In this episode we take a look at the history of people posing as members of the opposite sex and examine the lasting effects that old attitudes, fears, and prejudices have left on modern society. The damaging discourse of deviance surrounding issues of gender still shows up today, creating discrimination against the transgender community and the continued prevalence of violence against women. Who is really at risk here? 

Jan 10, 2016

Just A Story: The Urban Legend Podcast


In December of 1973, there was something wrong with Reagan MacNeil and audiences across the globe flocked to theaters to see just exactly what that 'something' was. Dubbed *the scariest movie of all time* by many, THE EXORCIST explores what happens when demonic entities take hold of a human body, and the war that is waged by the forces of good on behalf of that soul. But what is possessions really; mislabeled psychosis or the embodiment of evil? And what lasting effects has this legendary film left on the culture whose curiosity got the better of it all those years ago?

Jan 3, 2016

**New and Improved Audio*** 

For years chaperones and parents did their best to hold onto the keys of their sons' and daughters' chastity belts. The rising car culture after WWII, however; saw more and more teens taking control of the wheel, and making their own sexual choices. Faced with this reality, a frightening boogeyman with a hook for a hand stepped in to do what parents no longer could, give kids a reason to say 'no'. The real question is, who is he?